About Us

Critical Facility Pte. Ltd. (CF), previously Hitachi Critical Facilities Protection Pte. Ltd. (HCFP), is a spin-off from Hitachi Ltd which will take place on March 1, 2019. CF is established since 2002 to meet the urgent need of providing engineered solutions in protecting critical assets from the devastating effects resulting from the elements. Our key expertise is in the areas of Lightning Protection, covering Direct Strike Protection, Surge Protection, Grounding, Consultancy and other services.

The organization comprises scientists, engineers and subject matter experts in the various areas of disaster protection, working together to help our clients in protecting their significant investment and critical operations from potential destructions, damages, financial losses and critical down time.

Through the spin-off, CF will seek to achieve a flexible business operation as an independent operating company. The company will expedite its decision making processes and operate in a way flexible enough to address clients’ concerns and aim to provide clients with high quality products and reliable services. With the company’s dedicated capability in integrating several areas of disaster protection, we are confident in providing one of the most comprehensive and effective integrated protection solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Over the years, CF has successfully protected numerous clients from industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Defense, Telecommunication, Transportation, Sporting Facilities, Theme parks and Utilities.